torstaina, joulukuuta 14, 2006

Welcome to Lady Bonds' Sunday Picnic.

Please bring wine and cheese; more wine and cheese will be provided.

The weather will also be provided.

Bread, too, would be nice to have. To go with the cheese.


Anonymous Anonyymi said...

Is it simply not enough to bring my sparkling personality? ;)


5:52 ip.  
Blogger Zen Wizard said...

Here's my wine:

"I wanna go to Palm Springs!!"

7:42 ip.  
Blogger Zen Wizard said...

(I guess I shoulda put it in boldface to get the full adenoidal effect of the whine...)

7:44 ip.  
Anonymous Anonyymi said...

i suppose it'll be a meal's-worth of wine for you, then—that is, unless i sneak into that as well....

9:40 ap.  
Anonymous Anonyymi said...

why is blogger so idiotic as to delete the very object of sneakitude: the milk??

10:58 ip.  
Blogger Lady Bonds said...

Steve; Sorry for the delayed response. If your personality sparkled as much as Sparkling White Wine, I might consider it, but you should probably bring some cheese just to be sure.

Zen; Worry not, you have a remarkable ability to convey adenoidal emphasis even without boldface or italics. Do you wish to go to Palm Springs, FL or Palm Springs, CA? Depending on your answer, I can give you a different reason why you actually don't want to go there.

A; Gloriously, it will be a meal's worth of wine *and* cheese, and your presence is greatly desired.

11:47 ip.  

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